Our Story

Punanki Kids was founded in December 2012.  Michele Muller is the owner & driving force behind Pinanki Kids.  Being a mother of four daughters and living on a farm she was inspired to source unique once-off clothing and make that accessible to more people through her online boutique.

After all, the joy and privilege of caring for and dressing your child is a pleasure every mother deserves to experience.

Our goal is to bring you a shopping experience as easy as possible and having to choose something special from just one online kiddies boutique.

We have a selection from the most classic vintage styles to the most modern styles for boys and girls from ages 0-7 years, from various places all over the world, as well as local retailers.

The Brand

The word Punanki is a Khoi word, derived from a tribe in South Africa which means ‘You are Loved’. That is how we feel about our little ones.

At Punanki Kids we are committed to making your shopping experiences as enjoyable as possible. The joy of caring and dressing your child is simply a pleasure that every mother deserves to experience.

Enjoy your shopping at Punanki Kids Clothing

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